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Autosport International 2018

Welcome guys. It has been an absolute fantastic start to the year. I’ve been working hard at improving Grand Torque’s credibility within the automotive world. To kick things off I managed to get on the media list of perhaps one of the biggest motor shows of the year. Autosport International and Performance Car Show 2018. Eager to find out what the show had to offer is an understatement. Up at 5am I headed to Birmingham NEC in time for when the gates opened.


Pretty much as I walked into the event I realised that this was a truly special show. Right in front of me was the motors of some of the greatest automotive social influencers on YouTube and Twitter. Shmee150, Archie Hamilton and QueenB. These are the guys and girls that inspired me to begin Grand Torque. They are where I want to be in a couple of years time. To see their cars parked on display amongst all the other stands was truly magnificent. However, I’m sure Archie didn’t want his Audi R8 V10 on display in matt metallic pink; however if you’ve watched his YouTube channel Paul Wallace (Supercars of London) had different ideas.

fullsizeoutput_a95 were at the show with the Jaguar XE SV Project 8. A unique 592Bhp 5.0 litre V8 monster capable of over 200mph created by Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations. Not only does this Jaguar have some amazing performance figures but it’s looks are out of this world with it’s huge rear wing and countless vents adorning the bodywork. Only 300 of these special vehicles will be made and here was one sitting right in front of me. I can’t stress enough how amazing this Jaguar looks.


As some of you may be aware I’m heading over to California in February to drive the new Mustang and get some special content for Grand Torque. I have however also been looking at purchasing one here for a while. What could be better then to find Steeda right opposite Motor1. For those of you who don’t know, Steeda is one of the biggest names in Ford Performance and has been working with the brand for over 25 years. I now had the opportunity to see exactly how I could customise the Mustang if I were to purchase one. The Steeda Q500 just looked absolutely brilliant.


There was also a very special message at the show. One amazing story which really touched me is the Invictus Games Racing Team who will be taking part in the British GT in their specially modified Jaguar F-Type SVR prepared to GT4 specification. The team comprise of ex servicemen and women wounded in action both physically and psychologically. Could there be a truer sense of courage to overcome adversity.


Its evident that the show isn’t just about the cars. Throughout the venue there was a huge offering of aftermarket and performance parts from the likes of Yokohama, Bilstein, Brembo and much, much more. This is the first time I’ve seen a show that takes as much dedication to showing the latest engineering technology as it does with the vehicles on display. Don’t assume however that its all about the performance. Liberty Walk were on hand providing stunning bodykits for some of the most exotic sports cars not the market.


Now its not something that I usually talk about a lot on Grand Torque however one thing that did appear a lot at the show was the shear number of motorsport teams and companies offering track day experiences for owners. The best display was put on by Porsche Club GB mainly thanks to the large number of vehicles they had on show, including that of a grey GT3.   Capable of 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds this truly would be an amazing car to take onto the track.


I can honestly say that the event itself was amazing. Not truly understanding what would be on display meant that the whole experience was just that much better. Its a great start to the year for Grand Torque and a wonderful experience in general. I would urge anyone to go if you get the chance.


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