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2017 for Grand Torque

So 2017 is coming to an end and despite the fact that I’ve decided to take Grand Torque in a new direction for 2018 I can honestly say it has been an amazing year full of new experiences. I got to visit some of the best motor shows, get up close to some of the best sports cars in the world and really understand what it is going to take to make Grand Torque’s content more exciting and interesting for our followers.

ABT Audi R8 TT

My first experience with Grand Torque was visiting the Geneva Motor Show. A far cry from my days of visiting the local shows at Brands Hatch. Fantastic displays and some of the most amazing cars were on show from some of the best manufacturers in the world including Porsche, Bentley and Ferrari to name a few. However, what stood out to me is the stunning concept cars on display including the futuristic Trezor from Renault, a vision of what could be in store for electric vehicles of the future.


Despite just rocking up to the show with no media affiliation I was determined to get up close to some of the best vehicles at the show. At Bentley unfortunately the cars were nestled away from the public but with a few words I was able to talk my way into the “invitation” only section to get a good look at the Continental Supersports. With over 700bhp from the 6.0 litre W12 engine the Supersports is more than capable of achieving over 200mph.


Having experienced what a great show is at Geneva I was determined that in 2018 I would be on the approved media list so that the content I could bring would be richer and more entertaining for everyone. In the meantime my next show of 2017 was the London Motor Show. Maybe not as big as the show in Geneva but this was the first time that I had made it on to the media approved list. Not sure what to expect I turned up a whole 3 hours early eager to get in to the show.


It didn’t have the same representation of the premium brands but I didn’t care. I was finally part of the media and I was going to make the most of it. Not as busy as Geneva I was really able to get around the cars and have a real close up look of some of the best cars there on the day. Despite my love for modern cars my true car of the show was a £1.2 million Jaguar Lightweight E-Type. This straight-six produces 340bhp and could achieve 0-62mph in around 5 seconds.

Jaguar GT EType Rear LMS17

What was fantastic at the London Motor Show was the representation from some of the best named dealerships in the UK including that of Clive Sutton which produced a great showing of American Muscle. It wouldn’t be the London Motor Show without a showing of some of the best British Brands. Kahn Design managed that with its distinctive design of Land Rover Defender.


My final real treat of 2017 was getting an invite from Ferrari Northern Europe to be part of Passione Ferrari at Silverstone celebrating 70 years of Ferrari. What was so special about this was not just the invite I got instead of having to approach someone but the experience of being down the pit lane with the best performing supercars in the world. Hearing them start up and take to the track was just sensational. The best part of the show was getting to see my childhood pin up in person. The Ferrari 512 Testarossa, a true 80’s super car.


With my plan of a new direction for Grand Torque I am hoping that 2018 is going to be a much more successful year with more amazing content. The main aims for 2018 is not only to visit these shows but get our hands on some of the best cars to give you the best reviews. 2017 may not have been as big as I wished but it has truly been a stepping stone that I have been excited to be apart of. If you have any ideas for 2018 feel free to contact me.

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