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Last week: What Muscle car to choose for California

It has definitely been a great week for Grand Torque. I announced at the beginning of the week that we would be taking Grand Torque in a new direction with better content which is more engaging with less of a corporate feel. It has proven to be a great decision as we’ve had much more engagement on both our Twitter and Facebook pages.


So the main task this week was to start planning and arranging for my upcoming trip to Newport Beach, California. I was unsure which car to pick for my time out there and was stuck between the Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang. Thats when I decided to hand over to you guys to make the decision for me. We’ve had a great response and ultimately winning the hearts of both Facebook and Twitter was the Ford Mustang. I can honestly say I am pleased. I have been dying to get hold of the new Mustang and have a drive. What better place than California to experience this.


The first part of the trip will be getting from Los Angeles Airport to Pelican Hill. Now I could take the quickest route and drive straight down Interstate 405 but where is the fun in that. Especially when I’m going to be behind the wheel of one of the best American Muscle Cars money can buy. Instead I’ve decided to take the longer route and head down the coast from Long Beach. From there I will head down the coastal road to Newport Beach where I will be staying at Pelican Hill for my time in California.

5.0 Fastback 8

I want to take advantage of my time in California with the Mustang and grab as many opportunities as possible to gain some amazing content for Grand Torque. Whether that be finding out what car shows are around or trying some of the best driving roads in the Orange County. So next week I will be planning my days in California and to finalise my decision on what Mustang I will have while there, with the big question being Convertible or Hard Top?





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