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Passione Ferrari – Day 2


The glorious event that is Passione Ferrari continued today with it’s second day of racing and displays fully devoted to everything Ferrari. Again it didn’t disappoint with some amazing track action from the F1 heritage and Experimental Development cars. The highlight of my day however has to be the appearance of not one but two 512 Testarossas, taking me back to my youth when a poster of one was proudly on display on my bedroom wall.


Turning heads possibly for the right or wrong reason, depending on your point of view was a fully wrapped chrome blue 458 Italia. Even centred amongst a La Ferrari and two F40s the 458 managed to hold the crowd. Luckily however the 458 was probably the only controversial Ferrari at the event while the standard Rosso Corsa colour adorned the majority of the Ferraris, including a very special 512BBi. One of only 41 right hand drive editions left, worth in excess of a quarter of a million.


We were also very lucky this weekend to be able to gain access to the pitlane garages joining a select few who managed to get up and close with the teams taking part in the days racing. Driver Chris Froggatt who was competing in the Trofeo Pirelli AM race went onto win at his home track after dominating the qualifying stage in his H.R.Owen 488 Challenge, even to the point of annoying those of the higher class.


Standing apart from all the typical Rosso Corsa Ferraris and possibly one of the cars of the event was a spectacular example of a 458 Speciale finished in Giallo Modena. Clearly the owner has a fetish with carbon fibre as the 458 displayed every carbon fibre optional extra, from the carbon fibre side nolders to the carbon fibre front air vents. At 597bhp this example of the 458 Italia is capable of 0-62mph in just 3 seconds. Definitely a car you want to be noticed in.


It goes without saying that the 8th Annual Passione Ferrari was a true success and proved to be a great way of celebrating 70 years of Ferrari. There wasn’t one showstopper but instead a great selection which managed to “convert” this Lamborghini fan and showing what is truly special about Ferrari family. The Passion that that the owners have for everything Ferrari. Roll on next year.


Author – Matthew Pearson




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