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Passione Ferrari Day 1


Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations kicked off this weekend with the beginning of Passione Ferrari at the impressive Silverstone Circuit. As ever the Ferrari Racing Day Events are a great way to show the public the huge passion people have for the brand and giving them a chance to see the rarest Ferrari’s around.


Taking to the track were a great display of Ferrari’s experimental development cars including the 599X and FXXK showing the public just how high performance these cars are. It truly is a rare opportunity to see these vehicles in person let alone have the chance to get up and close treating fans to a high throttle V12 chorus while on track.


However, it wasn’t just the hyper performance models that the fans had a chance to see. Ferrari owners were able to display their pride and joys to the big crowds attending the weekend. Everything from the F430 to the 458 were there. Honourable mention though has to go to the one and only Ferrari Dino that managed to make the event. Looking a little worn the Dino was still welcomed enthusiastically but he crowds.


Ferrari seem to have it down to a tee at creating a magnificent show and I can truly say that they really got the crowds involved in the day with pit lane walks and up close displays of the Italian Super Cars. If I could criticise one thing. It was the lack of a Ferrari Testarossa. For me this was an iconic member of the Ferrari Family and not to have just one at the 70th Anniversary was disappointing.


Despite this the first day has been a true success. With one more day to the weekend we can see what else Ferrari have to offer over this weekend.

Author – Matthew Pearson



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