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Made In Britain – 600BHP All Electric GT

Silver profile 22-8-17

British car company Alcraft have revealed their first production vehicle. An all electric high performance GT vehicle with what can only be described as beautiful styling. Hopefully then this isn’t another supercar dream that will never leave the drawing board as Alcraft are relying heavily on a Crowdfunding Campaign to make this dream an actual reality.

Hero aerial

Like many pre-production models there is some very stunning statistics that hopefully will make it onto the production version. Able to accommodate two passengers the 600bhp Alcraft GT will likely be four wheel drive employing clever torque vectoring technology to make the most of all that power. With 840lb-ft of torque outstanding performance is guaranteed with a 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Hero front 3_4

The Alcraft GT is undoubtably a gorgeous car to look at albeit as a computer rendered concept. Their next step would be to produce a full working prototype, hopefully bringing to life their claims of the superb performance figures announced. Will this be another supercar pipe dream or a realistic contender to Tesla’s ever increasing dominance as the head of all things electric. Interested in helping make this a dream headover to

Hero rear 3_4 22-8-17

Author – Matthew Pearson


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