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All-New BMW M5 Revealed


It was only a matter of time after the leaked pictures of the new M5 that BMW were going to officially reveal the new tyre shredding saloon to the world. Surprisingly this happened not at the traditional motor show setting but at this years GamesCom in Cologne. The Sixth Generation M5 is BMW’s most powerful yet but featuring the new M xDrive system is this M Series still as thrilling to drive as it’s rear wheel drive predecessor?


Featuring a stomach churning 600bhp 4.4litre V8 twin turbo the M5 is capable of 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds, the same as its rival the E63 S. Limited to 155mph we’re sure without the Euro Bureaucrats getting involved the M5 would reach beyond 200mph. Unfortunately however the new M5 like many modern day performance motors doesn’t have a manual option just the typical flappy paddle 8 speed automatic setup. No dual clutch here either.


It clearly has the performance figures we all expect from an M series but does the new M5 still have that thrilling driving experience we expect from a rear wheel drive BMW now it features BMW’s all wheel drive M xDrive system? In short, yes. Although being all wheel drive when the M5 starts up the front wheels are only activated when the rear reaches it limits of grip. Meaning all that rear wheel tyre shredding fun of previous M5s are still achievable. In fact turn the stability control off and those front wheels will be off – permanently.


Visually the BWM M5 is just as striking as ever with 20 inch alloys wheels, ceramic brakes and a carbon-reinforced plastic roof which the M3 and M4 have enjoyed for a number of years. Where Audi seem to have failed over the last few years BMW have no doubt been successful with moving forward integrating the newest technologies without compromising on creating a thrilling ride. With a basic price of £89,640 once options are added this M5 will become a six figure car but you do get a huge amount of car for your dollar.



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