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Trading Up: The Idea


I’m pretty sure any car enthusiast out there has one of their favourite tv shows that they watch religiously, whether its Fast and Loud, Top Gear or Car SOS. There seems to be one show however that makes buying and selling cars look like a walk in the park. Mike Brewer’s Wheeler Dealers has shown that with a little know how and some elbow grease that you can trade yourself up from a dodgy banger into a super car, like the Ferrari. Well thats what he makes you believe anyway.


That’s why we’ve decided at Grand Torque to give this a go ourselves. Over the next year were going to take inspiration from Mike Brewer to see if we can take a simple £500 car and trade our way into a performance car to be proud of. Maybe along the lines of a Mitsubishi Evo or Nissan 370Z. To achieve this we are going to use all the same tricks of the trade any motor trader would use to gain as much profit as possible from the cars we purchase and sell.


Now, to make it clear we won’t be doing anything untoward and all cars will be roadworthy. With over 7 years selling cars in the motor industry I know how hard and expensive it can be to prepare a car for sale. There are a lot of legalities when it comes to selling a car and todays tough used car market will not make it any easier. I’ve seen lots of cars make good profits but I’ve also seen some make huge loses. So what we’re trying to find out here is not if Trading Up is possible but how hard this would be for someone who is doing it on a budget. This is would likely be even harder for someone who doesn’t have Edd China on hand.


We will be keeping a regular diary of what we do, our set backs and our triumphs. What we have learnt and hopefully at the end of the 12 months how successful we were on Trading Up. We will keep a full video diary available on our You Tube channel with the updates on how we are getting on. Wish us luck.

Author – Matthew Pearson




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