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Aston Martin’s First All Electric Production Car


Tesla, the underlying market leader of an all electric sports car now has a truly heavyweight contender to deal with in the shape of Aston Martin. Today, Aston Martin have announced to us that in 2019 they will be producing a limited production run of 155 RapidE all-electric sports cars in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering of Grove, Oxfordshire.


Based on the RapideAMR the new all-electric RapidE 4 door will replace the standard 6 litre V12 petrol engine with an electric powertrain. Don’t worry though, despite Aston Martin’s focus on low and zero emissions they have announced that the “internal combustion engine has been at the heart of Aston Martin for a century…and will continue to be for years to come”. They have said though that the new RapidE uses the electric powertrain to offer supreme performance with instantaneous delivery characteristics creating a fantastically unique driving experience.


The looks of the RapidE look amazing with fantastic lines despite the four door model beginning to show it’s age. This could be a true contender to Tesla’s dominance on the all electric market but only if the RapidE does go into full production after it’s initial limited run of 155. Unfortunately no figures have been released by Aston Martin at the moment so top speed, torque and acceleration is only speculation; however its likely to be anything but slow.

It does seem that the future is electric and with dream manufacturers like Aston Martin looking towards an electric powered super car it will only be a matter of time when electric is accepted across the board.

Author – Matthew Pearson



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