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NEW: McLaren 570S Spider Convertible

140617 McLaren 570S Spider-1y

It seems that every manufacturer nowadays is out to create a super car with the dynamic performance of a coupe and the thrills of a convertible. McLaren really hit the mark with their amazing 570S Coupe, ticking all the boxes on sheer performance. McLaren has now given us a glimpse at the new 570S Spider, which they claim is a “convertible without compromise”.

140617 McLaren 570S Spider-6y

Straight off the bat the new 570S Spider is taller and heavier than the Coupe. In fact she weighs 46KG more and at the rear is 12mm taller. McLaren are adamant that despite this there is little change in the performance and that the structural rigidity is unchanged thanks to the Carbon Fibre MonoCell II chassis. The usual McLaren performance aspects continue throughout the Spider just as they did on the Coupe. With Double Wishbone Suspension all-round, Adaptive Damping and Electro-Hydraulic Steering.

140617 McLaren 570S Spider-3y

Powered by the same 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 from the Coupe the Spider manages to push out 562bhp just the same as the Coupe, with over 442lb-ft torque. Performance figures on the Spider match up to the Coupe meaning this topless model is able to achieve 196mph or 204mph with the roof up (just the same as the Coupe). Whats better is thats a whole 1mph faster than the Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus. Its doesn’t just beat the R8 there. 0-62mph for the McLaren is 3.2 seconds while the R8 takes a whole 0.1 seconds more. In terms of super cars thats a life time and the difference between a success story and a failure.

140617 McLaren 570S Spider-8y

The Spider still maintains the stunning looks just like the 570S Coupe, despite having a higher rear to compensate for the electronic roof which is capable of coming down in under 15 seconds. The Optional Sports System will likely be a must have for new owners of this £164,750 super car which enables the driver to channel more exhaust sound into the cabin of the McLaren. Due to make its appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and with the first 400 Spiders being ‘Launch Editions’.

140617 McLaren 570S Spider-10y


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