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Brutal Audi R8 to hit UK


The Audi R8 has always been one of the best driving machines money can buy thanks to it’s fantastic handling and stunning looks. Now, Audi have definitely used the tempo with their new incarnation of the already superb machine. The Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus is to be their most powerful production series ever to display the famous four rings. Inspired by years of motorsport action the R8 Plus brings breathtaking dynamics and open top fun.


To make this R8 something truly amazing compared to previous models, Audi have used all their racing knowledge to up the tempo. The R8 Plus cleverly uses different materials throughout it’s design to save weight, 25 KG in fact. This is in part thanks to the multimaterial Audi Space Frame (ASF) made from aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced polymers. The motorsport inspired theme continues throughout the car. Using a dry sump principle Audi have managed to lower the engine similar to that of a racing car, giving the R8 a lower sense of gravity and better handling.


An aluminium double wishbone suspension and electromagnetic power steering means that the R8 Plus has even better handling then before with a firmer setup. To keep the R8 from overshooting at the next bend carbon ceramic brakes are standard all round. This means no matter how hard you push the R8 Plus, stopping power is always guaranteed. The Quattro Drive System and Performance Drive Mode help make sure that despite the condition of the road as much power is delivered to the road as possible.


The 5.2 litre naturally aspirated V10 produces 69bhp more than the standard V10 with a total of 601bhp. Figures are just as amazing as any hyper car on the market. The R8 Plus managed to achieve 0-60mph in just 3.3seconds and a top speed of 203mph thanks to 413lb ft of toque. The R8 Plus has the usual stunning looks but available to the few who manage to cough up the £147,470 price tag the option of Micromata Green Paint gives this R8 aggressively brutal looks.

0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 203mph


Its does seem that over recent months there has been a trend for faster more power super cars int he market. That leaves things open for a more hardcore version of the Audi R8 to compete with the Mercedes-AMG GT-R. In the meantime we’re have to settle for Audis current R8 Plus.


Author – Matthew Pearson




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