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New Lotus Cup 250 “Adds More Lightness” To Elise

Elise Cup 250 Hero

Lotus over the years has always been focused on providing some of the most amazing track ready sports cars on the market. The Lotus Exige Cup 380 to name just one. Redesigned and following Lotus’ philosophy by “upping power and adding lightness” the new Lotus Elise Cup 250 is a serious track ready superstar thats just at home on the racetrack as it is on the road. Cut from the same cloth as the Exige Cup 380 this Elise features some brilliant performance enhancing features.


Lotus themselves referred to the Cup 250 as being their “fastest most focused four-cylinder ever”. Powered by the usual supercharged 1.8 litre four-cylinder the Cup 250 produces 243bhp, enough to send this lightweight sports car to a top speed of 154mph. 0-60mph is achieved in just 3.9 seconds which is the same as a McLaren F1 LM. At just £47,500 that makes this Lotus great value for money. However, if you want that famed Lotus lightness you will need to fork out a further £18,000.

Elise Cup 250 Wing

There are many resigned high performance features that are present on the Cup 250. Revised dampers with higher damper rates and ultra lightweight forged wheels with sticky Yokohama A048 LTS tyres help keep the Lotus stuck to the road improving handling. In addition the Cup 250’s advanced aerodynamics thanks to a lightweight rear wing, front splitter, bargeboards and rear diffuser help produce 125Kg of downforce at 140mph. Stopping is machine is down to the AP Racing twin-piston brakes at the front and single-piston rear Brembo brakes.

Elise Cup 250 Rear Hero

The Lotus Elise Cup 250’s performance figures can only be achieved by Lotus’ focus on reducing weight by using advanced lightweight material. Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Aluminium adorns the Cup 250 managing to keep the weight down to only 860Kg. The optional Titanium exhaust itself reduces weight by 7Kg. On top of this a Carbon Hard Top reduces weight by 3Kg, Carbon Engine Cover 3.3Kg and Carbon Front Access Panel 1.1Kg. This Elise has gone on one big crash diet to shed those excessive pounds.

Elise Cup 250 Interior

You can also see with this Mint Green Lotus Elise that the Cup 250 follows the new design direction that Lotus steering towards. The Elise now features wider radiator and mesh grille than the previous models. At the rear the usual four lights has given way to the new 2 light cluster. Inside the Cup 250 the usual abundance of sporty materials covers the cabin instruments. The sports seats feature bodywork coloured seat inserts behind an alcantara covered steering wheel. Carbon Fibre covers many of the panels inside helping reduce overall weight.

Despite the Purity of Power coming from the Cup 250,  it can cost almost £65,800 for the full lightweight version. Putting it in the same territory as the Porsche 911. As much as we like the Elise Cup 250 it would be a hard decision to choose it over the Porsche.

Author Matthew Pearson


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