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Ever Wanted To Name A Car?

We’ve all grown up remembering those fantastic cars and sometimes it can be thanks to those amazing names that they stick in our head forever. The Ford Mustang, the Ferrari Enzo or the Bugatti Veyron to just name a few. On the other hand some have gained notoriety because of their name for all the wrong reasons. They could be perfectly good cars but with a poor name the car will achieve legendary status for all the wrong reasons.


We have the amazing Mitsubishi Starion where legend has it was originally meant to be called “Stallion”, but there was some communication issues between Mitsubishi’s Japanese and American divisions. Then we have the Nissan Silvia. A car that has gained exceptional status among drifters throughout the world but still has the stigma of being named after everyone’s annoying aunt.


No doubt we have sat there knowing that we can do better. Now SEAT has given everybody the chance. They have recently launched their successful small SUV, the SEAT Ateca which has been a huge success. Plans are now to create a bigger brother. They have decided that they want the public to name this new creation. Thats why they are launching their new campaign. #SEATSeekingName.


It’s your chance to name a car. There is a small catch. It has to follow inline with SEAT’s tradition of naming cars after Spanish places. Maybe Magaluf? Lanzarote? I’m sure you can all do better.


Get over to SEAT at #SEATSeekingName where you will be able to sign up and give your idea forward. You have until the 22nd June.

Author Matthew Pearson


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