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Herts Auto Show 2017


The 5th Annual Herts Auto Show took place in the beautiful surroundings of Stanborough Lakes, attracting a wide variety of vehicles to excite all motor enthusiasts. Whilst the exhibitors were predominantly personal owners, there were still some truly special cars on show. One of those being the RTec Revere Range Rover, of which only 10 will be built. Described as having “a dozen cow’s” making up the Dior stitched leather, its likely to make the Revere unsuitable for vegans. It’s hard to fault the luxury and comfort on display. The booming  sound system is enough to shake your bones, and the roar from the exhaust was capable of drowning out the live band performing at the time. With over 620 horsepower, one of these would set you back roughly £120,000.


Talking to Neil the event organiser it is clear the importance of the show in providing a wide variety of vehicles from different eras and different styles. His favourite being that of the American Cars which was demonstrated by the range of vehicles from across the pond. As an avid fan of The Blues Brothers, a personal favourite had to be the Ford Crown Victoria police patrol vehicle.


For classic car enthusiasts a visit to the Herts Auto Show would not be a disappointment with a rare Jaguar MK VIII W/W 404 taking pride of place and one of the the highlights of this years show. In exceptional condition similar to the day that it left the factory this perfect example is still in regular use being driven most weekends by it’s owner and attending special events as much as possible.


One of the main aspects of the Herts Auto Show is the passion that the exhibitors have for their vehicles, along with the special connections they have made with their cars. One of the best examples of this was Cassie and her beloved “Tuk Tuk Kella”. Cassie fell in love with Tuk Tuks while travelling out in Sri Lanka and returned years later to become the first European to have a license to drive one in Sri Lanka. She subsequently could not part with the Tuk Tuk on her return to the UK and began her journey on shipping it back to Hertfordshire. Its required some effort to make the Tuk Tuk road legal but her effort is an example of pure motoring passion.


Author – Chris West



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