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Legendary BMW 8 Series Concept


In 1989 BMW introduced the world to Wolfgang Reitzle’s dream of an overly engineered luxury performance coupe. Although not quite making it on every school boy’s bedroom wall the 8 Series eventually achieved legendary status, thanks to a production of only 30,000 over it’s 10 year production. Nearly 30 years on and Marc Girard Head of Concept Design has revealed the new BMW 8 Series Concept.


Many people assume a concept will should have outrageous details from flared arches and wide gapping chromed grilles. However, the 8 Series Concept has a beautifully simple design with nothing to outrageously striking compared to many other Concept Cars. This is ultimately because the 8 Series is to enlighten the public with where BMW intends to take it’s design styling in the future with emphasise on an upmarket image. If BMW could get anymore upper market.


Finished in Barcelona-Grey Liquid paint with peppered iridescent pigments helping soften any sharp edges on the car creating a better flow from front to rear. Most notably the classic “kidney” style grilles have now conjoined into one. The typical laser lights seen on other modern BMWs help dictate the overall design of the 8 series at the front creating that typical angry appearance of most modern performance cars. At the rear, large L-Shaped brake lights help extend the overall width of the Concept giving a much meaner stance.


Inside the 8 Series there is lashing of high end materials including the usual abundance of brushed aluminium, carbon fibre, alcantara and quilted leather. The Concept 8 Series also introduces the world to BMW’s roll out of it’s next generation user interface which boasts the highest resolution display ever seen inside a car. Still featuring the BMW iDrive Controller however this is made from Swarovski Crystal helping maintain that higher end feel.


Just like the previous BMW 8 Series this new Concept is about exclusivity. Marc Girard reiterated that this is the kind of car “you will fall in love with straight away. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Author Matthew Pearson



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