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MG XS Launch at London Motor Show


On the very first of this years London Motor Show there was some anticipation on MG Motors new product launch. MG holds a place in many British peoples hearts with some amazing vehicles from its heyday. Unfortunately fast forward and MG has become something very undesirable in deed. In fact last year MG entered the SUV market with its GS which didn’t go down well among car fans, achieving very poor reviews across the board. So does the new XS have a better chance?


The XS main rivals are those of the Nissan Juke , Mazda CX-5 and Suzuki Vitara which are all considerably more expensive then the XS which has a starting price of just £13,000. It’s reported that the XS will come with a 123bhp 1.0litre engine and with the possibility of the 1.5 litre 164bhp supercharged petrol from the GS making a move into the XS. It has been suggested that the same six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic from the GS will also appear in the XS.


The overall design of the XS is very bold for MG with a large grille and small swept back angular lights. The rear of the MG XS is very similar to its bigger brother the GS. From what we’ve been told by MG Motors this new design style will make its way across the brand. However, we must say that although very similar to the Mazda CX-5 in looks the XS just doesn’t inspire any enthusiasm. Lacking any real flair the XS seems to follow the trend of others rather then creating anything truly inspirational.


The XS cabin has seen somewhat of an improvement with great focus on reducing clutter and emphasis on the materials used. The fresh design inside includes an eight-inch touch screen sat nav. MG have given further thought to making the XS more technologically ergonomic with the addition of a reversing camera and keyless start.


Due to be launched at the end of this year the MG XS is expected to sell around 4,000-5,000 in it’s first year. Despite this we think that the XS lacks any real design that sets itself apart from the competition. Despite over £2,000 in savings compared to it’s rivals we still firmly believe that the XS will struggle. Follow us to see our first drive on the MG XS and what we think.

Author Matthew Pearson


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