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Iconic Lightweight E-Type at London Motor Show 2017


With the London Motor Show literally around the corner we have some exclusive news on an elusive big cat appearing at this years show. In February 1963, as part of a Race Car Project, Jaguar intended to make 18 Special GT E-Types. Unfortunately only 12 were ever built. Leaving chassis’ 13 to 18 missing, until that is, 2014. Upon their discovery Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operation division’s Jaguar Classic started modern day production.


Following 1960’s production the “missing six” were built using the tools and production techniques of the time. Period specifications and dimensions were matched to those of the original 12 ensuring authenticity. From there Stratstone took ownership of number 15 in May 2015 to act as an ambassador to the brand.


Were bring you all the latest news of the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type and more from this years London Motor Show. Just follow us over at Grand Torque on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Author Matthew Pearson



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