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Ford’s Galaxy is a refreshing surprise


Grand Torque went all sensible this week as we managed to get hold of Ford’s ever popular people carrier, the Ford Galaxy. With it’s spacious interior and ever practical dimensions the Ford Galaxy has always been on the list of cars for those that have come to appreciate practicality and sensibility over looks and passion. We can be truly honest that this wasn’t something that we were looking forward to but over the week we fell in love with the Galaxy.

Despite the wide mouth of the new Galaxy’s grill it is clearly obvious that this is a no frills car from the outset and it makes no admissions to be anything of the sort. Based on the Mondeo platform and sharing a range of the engines. Despite the range of engines available its best to avoid the petrols and opt for the torquier and more economical diesels. A 6 speed manual is available but as we found out the automatic gearbox works perfectly with the Galaxy. The Galaxy is best described as a bus. With a boxy shape smoothed off around the edges.


However, where we were shocked was the shear brilliance of being in the cabin of the Galaxy. With a feel of German prestige thanks to a plethora of soft plastic and high tech gadgets. The reversing camera was clear and crisp. The Intelligent Speed Limiter worked amazingly. Even down to simple features like being able to drop the middle seats at the touch of a button made the Galaxy a nice place to be. The main reason people buy the Galaxy is the space and there is plenty of that. We were able to fully recline our front seat and take a nap without obstructing our rear passenger buddies.

Where the Galaxy truly surprised us whats the overall driving experience. Its accepted that MPVs are not about the driving pleasure or their ability to handle comfortably. However, we were able to drive the Galaxy on a variety of roads including a lot of country lanes. Fortunately non of the crew experienced any sort of travel sickness as the Galaxy handled nothing like a boat and more like a saloon with a planted ride.


Despite being relatively expensive with an entry level Galaxy being £27,000 and a top spec reaching over £38,000 the overall value for money is amazing. We were even able to constantly achieve 50mpg on the diesel automatic making this an economic MPV.

We were truly surprised with the Galaxy and felt that this MPV delivered beyond what is expected but our overall question is would someone really want to spend the asking price when ultimately this is a primarily used to transport a lot of people as effectively as possible. Is the cheaper and just as good Vauxhall Zafira not be a better choice?

Author Matthew Pearson





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