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Bentley’s luxury electric sports car

Despite Bentley’s renowned appearance as producing high end luxury motors with big 12 cylinder petrol engines they were able to wow the crowds this year at the Geneva Motor Show with an environmentally friendly convertible sports car. The British manufacturer set itself apart from other high end marques producing this amazing concept, the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e.


Despite stepping away from the traditional monsters with the W12 engine Bentley have kept in line with what identifies them as Bentley. The large honey-comb grille, with twin headlights and lashings of flying B’s make it known that its a Bentley that your sitting in. Only the smallest subtle changes make this stand out from the rest of the Bentley range, with small copper detailing in the grille and Bentley badging.

As expected from a luxury Bentley the quality design is prevalent throughout with diamond design door inlays carved from a single piece of wood which requires hours of intensive labour from skilled craftsman. The stylish and unique steering wheel is set apart from others with amazing copper rocket buttons. A futuristic style cockpit separates the driver and passenger.


However, don’t get your hopes up just yet about taking the EXP 12 for a blast down to the coast. Unfortunately it is making very little power, in fact only enough to roll it on and off the stand. The EXP 12 is a work in progress for Bentley but does state their intentions of taking the idea of an electric luxury sports car seriously. The Bentley design team has high aspirations for the EXP 12 and it looks promising that in the near future Bentley will keep the luxury feel despite looking for more a greener path.


Author Matthew Pearson


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