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ABT’s aggressive Audi R8 V10

The Geneva Motor Show has also been one of the most important dates in the calendar for the automotive industry with so many reveals from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. However, it is also a chance for some of the specialist tuners to showcase some of their work to the public who may not know much about them. One such tuner was ABT, with countless years working with the Audi and Volkswagen brands.

ABT Audi R8 TT

When speaking of tuners to supercars we usually expect wide boy body kits and garish accessories galore. However, the ABT Audi R8 is a rather respectful model. The Audi R8 displayed at this years Geneva Motor Show by ABT had a somewhat subtle aggressive look with larger air intakes, minus the wide boy body kit. A more tasteful example of a tuned Audi R8.


Underneath the tasteful exterior lies a generous amount of mechanical upgrades that add to the already impressive driving experience of the R8. A new suspension system on the Audi R8 manages to reduce the weight of the car by 50KG, unfortunately they didn’t explain exactly what they managed to bin to get this wight saving. A brilliant new stainless steel exhaust system runs beneath the R8 not only producing a better chorus of sound from the V10 but in addition a further 20hp on top the standard model giving ABT’s R8 621bhp.

ABT’s Audi R8 manages to shed 50kg and gain 20bhp on its standard version.

With the addition of a set of 19/20 inch alloys and few interior options the ABT Audi R8 is a fantastic option for a tuned supercar in an ever-growing market. It is fantastic to see customisation is truly alive and kicking at the Geneva Motor Show.

Author Matthew Pearson








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