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First Bugatti Chirons leave factory

After years of development with no doubt some failed attempts and with huge sums of investment Bugatti has finally released three 1479bhp hyper cars to there new owners. With over 200 already sold it was only a matter of time when the 260 mph Bugatti Chiron was to finally be unleashed on the streets.


We were even fortunate to see that one owner of the €2.4million hyper car ordered his in Navy Blue with “Spirit Bleu” interior, a nod to the Bugatti’s heritage.


Produced in the pristine factory of Molsheim the Bugatti is carefully built by the workers where only the smallest of panel gaps are accepted.


Only when the Bugatti has gone through extensive quality control tests involving test drives and 6 hours of inspections in a light tunnel is it made ready for delivery to it’s new owner. The quad-turbo W16 Chiron is definitely a one of a kind motor.


Author Matthew Pearson




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