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Ferrari 812 to replace F12 Berlinetta as new ‘super fast’ car.

Only in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show Ferrari introduced the world to their new front engined V12 sports car, the F12 Berlinetta. It even went on to win ‘best performance car’ and ‘best engine’ in 2013. As such it earned the name ‘supercar of the year’. However, we feel that although the F12B was an amazing car it did lack in the looks department especially at the rear. It seems that Ferrari may have thought the same.


Ditching the F12B name Ferrari are set to introduce the world to it’s replacement. The Ferrari 812 Superfast. Although similar looking to the F12B the new 812 has a more aggressive stylish managing to flatten out the creases of the F12B especially at the rear. Its no different under that long bonnet either.


Still featuring the same 6.5 litre V12 as the F12B the 812 manages to squeeze a magnificent 789bhp from the engine, a whole 59bhp more than the F12B. Weighing only 1,525kg the V12 engine produces 530lb ft of torque at 7000rpm. Earning its title of ‘super fast’ the 812 manages 0-62mph in an eye watering 2.9 seconds and topping out at 211mph.


For some Ferrari purists however the addition of electric power steering (the first time on any Ferrari) is unpleasant to say the least. A redesigned starring wheel and instrument cluster in the cockpit can be said to be anything other than ergonomic.

Due to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show this year although the 812 Superfast doesn’t fall far from the tree of it’s predecessor its likely to earn its title.

Author Matthew Pearson



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