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Pagani pulls the cover off it’s new Huayra Roadster

Following on from the the success of the Huayra Coupe Pagani has pulled the cover off it’s latest roadster and it is definitely something truly amazing. Boasting an impressive 737lb-ft of torque and 760bhp from the Mercedes-AMG ‘M158’ V12 the Huayra delivers some impressive performance figures. What truly stands out however is the Huayra’s eye socket shattering 1.8G of lateral acceleration. The most ever seen on a car with road going tyres. To put this into context 1.0G of lateral acceleration requires a special vehicle.

737lb-ft from the Mercedes AMG ‘M158’ V12 and 760bhp give the Huayra a 0-62mph of just 3 seconds.


With such amazing performance the Huayra needs some serious stopping power and it has that thanks to it’s 380mm Brembo carbon ceramic discs front and rear. They are tidily housed in the aluminium forged wheels, 20inches at the front and 21 at the rear. Transferring all that power to the road are a set of Pirelli tyres, making the 1.8G achievable.


The Huayra has a sub 3 second 0-62mph thanks to it’s weight reducing carbon-titanium monocoque chassis and lightweight aluminium ‘HiForg’ suspension developed by Pagani themselves. With each suspension component saving 25% in weight over the coupe the roadster only weighs 1,280KG thats as little as an Audi TT, making it 80KG lighter than the coupe.


The only down sides to the Huayra is the price tag of £1.93million and a limited production of 100. All of which have been already sold. However, just to see one outside Harrods would be an experience that will never be forgotten.

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