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Bright Yellow Corsa “Photobombs” picturesque village

In 2015 the unlikeliest of cars became famous but for all the wrong reasons. A little yellow Vauxhall Corsa shot to fame on social media after ‘photobombing’ picturesque village. Arlington Row in the Cotswolds owned by the National Trust is one of the most photographed villages in the UK and even appears on the UK passport. Sightseers were disgusted that this picturesque village was being ruined by 84 year old Mr. Maddox’s bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa and took to social media to vent.


2 years on and the little yellow Corsa has shot to fame again. Despite Mr. Maddox’s support from his neighbours for his choice of vehicle visitors are still angry with it ruining the photos of the small village. Eventually someone took this anger to the extreme and vandalised the poor Corsa smashing a side window, rear window and scratching ‘move’ into the bonnet. It has been estimated that over £6,000 worth of damage has been caused which could make the little car a write-off.


However, true to nature Mr Maddox has not let this deter his bright nature and wonderful spirit. He is determined that if worse comes to worse his next car will be possibly lime green. Were happy to offer our suggestions maybe a Focus RS or a Ibiza FR.

Author Matthew Pearson






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