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Land Rover Defender Theft On The Rise

The production of the Land Rover Defender a staple of off-roading enthusiasts around the world came to end last year in January 2016 after nearly 33 years in production. Having gained an amazing following among enthusiasts many have compared the Defender to being part of the family. However, with production ended a new group has turned turned their eyes to the Defender taking advantage in its strong following.


NFU mutual earlier this week announced that with the end of the Defender’s production has only increased the demand in this tough off-roader; because of this thefts have increased by 69% with areas such as the South East becoming a hot bed for vehicle thefts. Overall in the UK Defender thefts have cost the insurance companies £1.8million a rise of 8% from 2015.

robber and the thief in a mask hijacks the car

Many vehicles are being stolen only to be broken down to sell for parts with a small amount being shipped abroad to an ever growing market interested in the iconic Defender. NFU and forces around the UK are urging Defender owners to be vigilant and take extra precautions to protect their pride and joy.

Author Matthew Pearson






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