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Lifes better topless – especially in a new 2018 Ford Mustang

Earlier this week Ford announced that they had not only facelift the sixth generation of the Mustang but they were making it so much better with tweaked looks, more performance and better equipment.

Now they have gone one step further. They have introduced the world to the new 2018 Ford Mustang Convertible and the Mustang looks just as sexy with its top off. The new Mustang is definitely setting the bar for an affordable car with attitude.

It’s likely to come with all the design tweaks announced this week such as smaller front lights, redesigned rear light bar, new sleek bonnet and scoops . The Mustang will feature the 12inch LCD screen and digital dashboard. It’s unclear that the optional extra of MagnaRide improved adaptive dampers will make it to the convertible but if available this will give the Mustang Convertible some serious handling.

The biggest thrill will have to be the addition of the Active Exhaust. To be able to drop the roof and hear all those horses as you cruise on a hot sunny day can only be descried as euphoric. This topless Mustang will definitely deliver a little sense of heaven in the soul.

Author Matthew Pearson




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