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FORD have revealed the 2018 Mustang with countless new tech and no V6!

Ford earlier this week revealed it’s new take on the sixth generation of the ultimate muscle car, the Ford Mustang. With a face lifted front end, new tech and better performance the 2018 Mustang is definitely a different kind of beast.

A lot of changes have happened on the new Mustang but the most obvious will the new front end where the designers have sloped the front end over the grille, with new bonnet scoops and smaller lights. This new front has given the bulky beast a more sleek sports car feel away from the muscle cars original lineage. Things continue around to the rear of the Mustang with a new rear light bar and new wing.


The performance of the new Mustang has also improved. They have revised the possible engines and dumped the 3.7litre V6 from the choices available, leaving only the 2.3litre EcoBoost and the 5.0litre V8. However, with a new high-pressure fuel injection system the Mustang is able to get higher revs and ultimately more power from those engines. The new 10 speed automatic gearbox with steering wheel paddles makes getting the most from all those horses effortless. The sleek sportiness of the new Mustang is just in the looks. With its ‘MagnaRide’ adaptive dampers (available on performance pack), new cross-axis joint on the rear and new stabiliser bars Ford say these bring the Mustang “sharper response and handling”.


Inside the Mustang the already dated dials have been replaced with a new digital system along with a 12″ LCD screen. The options continue on the outside. The Mustang seemed to lack any variety in the colour options and available wheel choices. However, there are more colours available and with 12 new wheel choices customising the look of your new Mustang is much more rewarding.

“sharper response and handling”

We have always been great fans of the Mustang however these new options and improvements can only be good for the already established model. Its definitely time that Ford brought the Mustang into the 21st century and gave it the performance that it deserves.

Author Matthew Pearson




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